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Below are some of the questions that customers tend to ask very many times and their appropriate answers.

1. About YourVoiceNet.

YourVoiceNet is a market research company and a survey platform where you get paid for sharing your opinion on market trends, product reviews, matters health and wellness etc. Our panellists are from all over the world and they are paid on a weekly basis for their opinion. Simply sign up and start earning today

2. How Does YourVoiceNet Work.

Businesses all over the world are looking for what people think about their services and products as well as their concerns on various global issues. To this end, they need to get first-hand information from consumers in regards to the information they need. In return, they give rewards in terms of cash to the panellists who take part in these surveys/questionnaires.

For you to earn, log in and solve one or more of our surveys assigned. Additionally, you increase your earnings by inviting your friends to our platform by sharing your invite link via WhatsApp, sms, email or any other platform you use to communicate.

3. How Do I start Working?

Sign up and login to your account then you will be directed to the available surveys. Solve the assigned survey; once you complete the survey, earnings are automatically credited to your wallet.

4. How Do I get Paid?

Each survey earns you between 1$ to 2.50$ depending on the package subscribed to and each friend you have referred and has upgraded their account earns you between 0.5$ to 1.5$ depending on the package you are subscribed to.

5. For how long are the accounts valid?

12 months for premium accounts and 14 days for free accounts.

. 6. How Do I subscribe to a package?

Click on the upgrade package tab when logged in> choose your package of choice> on each package there are three modes of payments; choose one that you prefer using: Mobile money, PayPal or bitcoin. Enter the details requested after successful payment your account will be upgraded automatically.

N/B: Kindly make a payment of the indicated the amount shown on every package or else your account will not automatically have upgraded.

7. Can I withdraw on the free package?

The free account is meant for you to test our platform and understand everything before working as a premium member, hence it will be invalid after 2 weeks if one does not subscribe to a package. However, when you subscribe to a higher package before the expiry date you retain your earnings.

8. How Do I Earn from Referrals?

Your referrals earn you a commission every time they sign up successfully and subscribe to premium packages. You earn from 0.5$ to 1.5$ from every referral according to your package you are subscribed.

9. How do i withdraw?

Once you have more than 30$ in your wallet balance, click on withdraw then choose payment processor of your choice.


We have a NO Refund Policy. All advertising purchases or memberships sold by yourvoicenet are sold as is without any guarantee. By making a purchase with YourVoiceNet, you are confirming that you have read and understand our NO refund policy.

11. Local Bitcoins Step-by-Step Guide.

Below link shows you step by step on how to register a Bitcoin account, Buy and Sell Bitcoin in your local country. You can buy or sell Bitcoin by mobile money or bank transfer.

Copy or Open this link for more details http://wormswell.com/local-bitcoins-step-step-guide/ .

12. Upgrading using local Bitcoin (if you have a local bitcoin account)

a. Login to your YourVoiceNet account

b. Click on upgrade packages page, choose the package you want and then choose Bitcoin

c. Clicking copy address manually, note the exact amount you should pay is indicated on the bitcoin box.

d. Login to your local bitcoin account then click on the ‘B‘ on the top right and it will take you to a page that lets you send bitcoins.

e. Past the Bitcoin address you copied on YOURVOICENET account package upgrade under RECEIVING BITCOIN ADDRESS box on your local bitcoin account.

f. Confirm the exact amount of Bitcoins to be paid on yourvoicenet account Bitcoin box you copied the Bitcoin address from.

g. Pay the exact amount on your Bitcoin account and YourVoiceNet account will be automatically upgraded.

h. NB: in case of any issue start a live chat on yourvoicenet account for assistance.

13. Ghana MTN mobile payment package Upgrade.

a. Login to YourVoiceNet account.

b. Click on upgrade packages page, choose the package you want to upgrade and then choose Bitcoin.

c. Copy your bitcoin address manually and note the amount you should pay.

e. Open this Bitcoin merchant link https://ewalletgh.com/.

f. Engage support via live chat and inform them the amount you want to pay in bitcoins.

g. They will give you the exact amount in GHS.

h. On the merchant page under “SEND” on the left side select mobile money GHS.

i. On the right hand side under “RECEIVE” choose BITCOIN USD. and click exchange button.

j. You will be redirected to additional information page. Indicate your personal email address and indicate the Bitcoin Address you copied on “your bitcoin address” and follow the rest of the instructions on the page and pay with MTN mobile money.

k. Your account will be upgraded automatically.

14. To sell your Bitcoin use the same process and receive your amount on your mobile money in GHS.

NB: For further assistance, start a live chat in your account.